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Looking for Comfy Things for Post Surgery

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Image taken from

Image taken from

Something I thought about is that when I have my mastectomy in a few weeks, I might want to wear loose fitting clothing because of soreness and restricted movement.  I have also been thinking about the fact that I won’t be symmetrical for a while (TMI?).  So I have started to think about buying loose fitting but cute clothes.

I was walking through the mall with my mom today and I wandered into Ann Taylor Loft.  The have a collection called Lou & Grey.  Their clothes are laid back but chic.  Perfect for being comfortable post surgery and put together enough to receive guests, go out to lunch (when I have healed) and even to wear to work once I’m ready.

I have already purchased this shirt.  It’s so soft and light.  I’m also into this tunic.  The buttons would be perfect for a check up or just getting on easily.

They have many more cute things in regular sizes but I am a petite, which makes it a bit harder.  Any other recommendations for cute, flowy, not clingy clothes?

I found this dress, this cowl neck, and if money were no object.


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