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“Are You Going to Have Another?”

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Almost immediately after giving birth to one child someone (usually someone tactless) asks, “are you planning on having another?”  It seems over time that question gets asked more and more.  I have been hearing it a lot lately.

But here’s the thing.  Even if I wanted one (which I’m not sure I do), I probably won’t be able to have another.  One awful fact, and the hardest one to hear, is that chemotherapy will age my ovaries 10 years.  10 F*CKING YEARS!!!!!  The likelihood of having anything usable at that point is very slim.  It was recommended that I seek out advice on fertility and harvesting my eggs (because thinking about how I’m going to live with cancer for a while is clearly not enough).

Through guidance and google searching, I learned that Livestrong provides information to young cancer patients to help with fertility.  They have helped find a fertility clinic that will harvest and freeze my eggs for free (the price can be a staggering $7000-$9000!!!!) along with 2 consultations.  Storage of eggs is not included.  This is great because I also learned that my insurance does not cover any fertility treatments whatsoever.  

So, tomorrow I am going to the fertility clinic.  Not because I’m sure I want another child.  But because I’m not sure that I don’t.  I don’t want to have any regrets down the line.  So I’m going to find out what my options are.  I don’t think that I have many.

Does anyone have any experience with fertility pre-chemo treatment?  Or surrogacy?  Adoption with a cancer survivor as a parent?  


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