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After we get married, we go on a honeymoon.  Ken and I went to Thailand and it was amazing.  Some people, before having a baby go on a babymoon.  We went to Maine when I was 6 months pregnant and I ate lobster rolls every day, blueberry pie and hiked mountains.  It seems like when there is a major life event an excuse to get away is created.  So I decided to invent the “cancer-moon,” a time to go away with your spouse or partner before life turns to shit.  We went to one of our favorite local places, Northfork, LI.

We usually go to the North Fork on a day trip to go wine tasting.  I have been going for years (it’s where I had my bachelorette party) and we find it so relaxing.  We have our favorite spot and we hit some of them.

We were starving when we arrived so the first thing we did was grab some lunch at the North Fork Lunch Truck.  It is owned by the same people who run North Fork Table and Inn.  Their restaurant is extraordinary (we usually eat there each time we visit) and the lunch truck is no different.  We shared a gazpacho, lobster roll, and seared tuna sandwich.  It was so good that I forgot to take pictures!


Enjoying a glass of Chardonnay at Lenz Winery.

One of the first places we always go is Lenz Winery.  Their wines are consistently wonderful and the winery is peaceful and well laid out.  We also like it because they don’t seem to get the large tours too often so it is never overcrowded.

In the vineyard of Lenz Winery.

In the vineyard of Lenz Winery.

At Lenz Winery

At Lenz Winery

After a tasting and enjoying a glass of wine in their gardens, we headed into the vineyard for a selfie with the grapes and some general silly pics.  Peekaboo, anyone?

Next we went to Ken’s favorite spot in the North Fork, Greenport Harbor Brewery.  They have a new tasting room on Route 25 (the main road in the North Fork).  They are still waiting for their liquor license for the main room but had plenty of chairs outside. Ken’s favorite beers are the Saison and the IPA.  I am not much of a beer drinker but he always makes me try each one.  The tastes are plentiful so I usually take over and become the designated driver for a while.

After the beer tasting, we checked in to our B&B at Shinn Estate.  Shinn Estate, in my opinion, has the best wines in Long Island.  We are never disappointed and always consistently love their rose, chardonnay and wild boar doe.  I don’t think that they allow tours so their tasting room is always tranquil.  They also use their home as a B&B.  It’s not the cheapest place to stay but it is certainly not the most expensive and you get a lot for your money.  Their are only 4 rooms so it’s really quiet.  They make you a lovely breakfast, much of it is from their own garden and the eggs are from their chickens.  They leave wine and cheese for you in the afternoon to enjoy and include either a free tasting or complimentary glass of wine in their tasting room.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

Enjoying the complimentary afternoon wine and cheese at Shinn Estate.

Enjoying the complimentary afternoon wine and cheese at Shinn Estate.

The living room at Shinn Estate.  I love the rustic feel!

The living room at Shinn Estate. I love the rustic feel!

We learned from one of the other guests at our B&B about a new place that had opened up in Greenport called Go Shuck Yourself, an oyster bar where you can shuck your own oysters.  I had never done it before and thought I was going to rip my hand apart but I ended up being quite the pro!  I was so proud of myself!!!!  This was, by far the highlight of my trip.

Ken teaching me how to shuck and oyster

Ken teaching me how to shuck and oyster

I'm showing Ken how it's done.

I’m showing Ken how it’s done.



Go Shuck Yourself

Go Shuck Yourself

The next day we just took it easy.  We drove around the Fork, enjoying the sights and beautiful weather.  We stopped at a beach and dipped our feet in, bought some lavender at the lavender farm and went back for seconds at the Lunch Truck.  It was a wonderful time away.  

It wasn’t all smiles and relaxation.  With the time away from little Oliver, I was able to process some of what was going on with my diagnosis and with facing infertility.  We did a little bit of crying.  We needed time together to do that.  But we mostly laughed, drank, ate and were merry.  I think everyone who is diagnosed with cancer should go on a cancermoon.  You’ll thank me later. 


2 thoughts on “Cancer-moon

  1. So glad you and Ken were able to get away. Looks like a nice relaxing place. Glad you guys had a good time. You are in my thoughts.

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