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Movies I Can Never Watch Again. Thanks, Cancer!


I love, I mean LOVE a good tear jerker.  If you give me a choice between a comedy and a deep, dark drama, I’m all for the movie where shit get’s real.  But now that I have freakin’ cancer, I can’t watch them anymore.  Here are a few that I loved (some I didn’t) and will never, ever watch again because it’s too close and I can’t take it.


julia-roberts-step-momStep Mom is one of my favorite movies.  It’s my go to movie if I need to cry.  You know those shitty days when you need to cry it out but the cry is stuck?  That’s when I’d turn on Step Mom.  There’s the scene when Susan Sarandon’s character learns that she is going to die from her cancer and she’s laying in bed and has quilted her children their last cape or blanket.  She’s saying goodbye.  And the little boy asks, “Mom, are you going to die?” and Susan Sarandon asks, “What do you think?”  I can’t take it!!!  And now I can never watch this fucking movie again!!!!  Fuck you, cancer!


termsReally.  Do I need to explain it?  Debra Winger gets breast cancer.  It’s the 80’s so she’s pretty screwed.  Shirley McClaine screams “Get her the drugs!!!!!”  She eventually dies leaving behind two adorable children.  They always show this movie on basic cable every year.  And now I can’t watch it.  You suck, cancer!!!!!



Another Julia movie.  I know, I know.  Her character had diabetes or something, not cancer but still!  She desperately wants a baby and decides to have one despite the risks.  She has the baby.  Her veins get all messed up.  She goes on dialysis.  She collapses while alone with her baby and is found hours later when said baby points toward the screen door where her body is laying.  She never wakes up.  Sally Field screams, “Why??!!??!!” in the most primal way.  They celebrate Easter.  I love this movie.  Bye-bye awesome depressing movie.  I hate you, cancer.



 Well.  Um.  Wont’ miss this one.  Never really liked it that much and Bette Midler kind of annoyed me.  But I watched it if it was on.  Now I won’t.  Thank you, (no really, thank you!) cancer.



Ken and I saw this on our vacation this June when I had cancer but didn’t know I had cancer yet.  I cried the whole time.  I’ll never watch this movie again because this movie is like, super cancery (I made up that word) and everyone has cancer and it’s awful.  Won’t read the book either.  Cancer, I’m looking at you here.


BAMBIDisney always kills the mother in the first 10 minutes.  Walt, you fuckin’ sicko.  What the hell is wrong with you?  Walt + Cancer = BFFs.

Any favorite movies that you love that I can’t watch because I fucking have cancer?  Let me know.  I’d love to wish I could watch them!


3 thoughts on “Movies I Can Never Watch Again. Thanks, Cancer!

  1. When I was six months pregnant with my daughter and my son was newly 3, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. (Needless to say, I lived your post on suspension of disbelief!) My parents flew in to help out and give my husband and me a chance to take a break–which we used to go see “Love, Actually.” Within the first five minutes, Liam Neeson is eulogizing his wife (cancer, implied) in front of her traumatized 10-year-old son, then helps carry her casket down the aisle of the church. Honestly, it ended up being funny in a very black-humor way, which was an attitude that sustained us through six months of chemo, a month of daily radiation–all with a mommy-obsessed preschooler and newborn daughter. I’m now ten+ years into remission… and know you’ll be there, too.

    • First of all, congratulations on your remission!!!! That is news I love to hear from others. And what a funny story about Love, Actually. I love that movie too. Maybe I’ll just fast forward through that part and watch the rest.
      How scary to catch the cancer while pregnant. Did you have to wait to give birth before starting treatment? I admire your bravery and would love any advice you might have about going through chemo and dealing with a needy toddler.

  2. I have some issues watching cancer movies in general but it’s mostly because I feel many of them don’t capture the real deal (will write about a specific topic about this soon).

    One movie I used to love, and I own it, is called “My Life.” The reason why I loved that movie is because the emotions seemed real — the family conflicts, forgiveness, letting go, accepting death, finding hope. I just can’t watch it anymore because I see myself in it. Maybe one day I will watch it again when I am feeling differently about myself.

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