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Today Ken and I had the delightful experience of learning how to inject me with hormones for my fertility treatment for harvesting and freezing my eggs.  I was really nervous about having to be jabbed over and over so I took a xanex to keep me calm.  It turns out, I didn’t have a clear understanding today of what was going to happen because we didn’t practice on me. We practiced on a little ball meant to simulate the feel of a real belly.  Oops!!!  At least I didn’t have those shots to go with it!

Both Ken and I hate, HATE needles so this was not an easy appointment for us.  But, I have to say, after practicing a few times, I don’t think it will be so bad (wait until the post titled “My Husband Stabbed Me After My Mastectomy and I’m Going To Kill Him”).  Here is a video demonstration on how to administer one of the hormones I will need to take.

But, basically, the first thing you do is get the medicine ready and make sure it has the correct dosage in it.  Then you put the correct needle on the syringe.  Next you wipe the skin (we are using the flesh below the belly button) with an alcohol swab.  Get the need ready and pinch some of your tummy fat between your fingers.  


Next, take the needle and gently glide it into the flesh.  Press down the top of the syringe until all of the liquid is injected.  Wait 3 seconds and then remove from the skin.  Voila!


Here are some helpful tips I hope to remember when doing this myself.

1) Have a comfortable but not tense grip on the syringe.

2) Don’t come at yourself with your finger on top of the syringe.  You might start pressing it down too soon due to nerves.

3) Some medications require you to mix the medication and require a MUCH BIGGER AND THICKER needle to do so.  DO NOT use that needle to inject yourself!!!!!!!  That would be awful!  Remember to put the correct needle on.

4) The needle is small so probably won’t hurt too much (I’ll report back on this one,),

5) After only about 10 days or so, the treatments (at least in my case) will be over.

One thing that sucks about all of this is that I’m supposed to start treatments 2 or so days after I get my period.  Guess when my period is due?  September 5.  Why is that a big deal, you ask?  Well, that’s when I’m having my surgery!!!!!  Does my timing suck or what?

So, this is it for now.  I’m literally nodding off as we speak.  I just glad to report that I’m alive and well after today’s experience and Ken and I are still happily married.







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