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Motherhood Mondays (on Tuesday): “Amma, Boo-boo?”



One of my concerns coming home from surgery was that Oliver would find the transition difficult.  He is a real mama’s boy.  He loves being picked up, snuggled and loved and I love doing it.  But due to the type of surgery I had, I will not be able to lift him for several weeks.  When Oliver wants to be picked up and I can’t because I’m doing something else like cooking or carrying groceries, he throws a tantrum so I have been really nervous.

But I have to say, I think I underestimated his sense of empathy.  When he came home and saw me for the first time since my surgery, instead of running up to me and jumping on me, he began to run, then slowed down and approached me slowly. He gently stroked my face and gave me a kiss.  We said, “Be gentle, mama has a boo-boo.”  And he said, “Amma, boo-boo?” and he gently laid his head on the pillow I placed on my chest for protection and stroked my face again.  Sometimes he forgets and wants me to lift him but when I remind him of my boo-boo, he stops and either looks for Ken to help him or something else to do.  

I am blown away by his intuition and emotional intelligence.  Many 20 month old boys would not understand what was going on.  I don’t think he knows exactly what is going on but I know that he senses something is different and he is changing his behavior around me and being very tender.

How lucky and fortunate I am to have a young boy who has a sense of empathy at such a young age.  I know that he is going to be a giving, loving, understanding adult if I nurture this quality.  And I plan on it.  I’m so proud to be Oliver’s mother.  What a wonderful boy.  The best boy.

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