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Mommy Mondays: I Missed This

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I have not been able to hold Oliver for the last 17 days.  More than the pain of the surgery, this has been the greatest ache of all and there is no medicine for missing your baby’s touch.  Since I’ve gotten my drain out I have been healing much faster and the pain is almost gone.

Yesterday, I think Oliver sensed that I was feeling better so he climbed on my lap and put his head on my chest.  And stayed there.  We just snuggled.  We don’t get many snuggle sessions in these days because he’s so active and just wants to run around.  I think Oliver knew that he had his Amma back.

I missed his soft cheek on my chest, rubbing my nose in his soft hair, feeling him breathe against my body.  Oh, I missed it so much.  For now, we are healing.


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