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Cleaning For a Reason


Two friends and supporters of my journey have sent me information on this organization called, Cleaning For a Reason.  If you or a loved one are undergoing chemotherapy, they can provide a cleaning person to come to your home and clean once a month for 4 months while you are in treatment.  How incredible is that?  I just filled out the application.  My family could really use this service.  We are a bit overwhelmed.

If you know someone who owns a maid service, you can point them toward this organization if they are interested in partnering up.  You can also make a tax deductible donation.  A worthy cause, I think.

Cross your fingers that they are able to pair me up with someone soon.


4 thoughts on “Cleaning For a Reason

  1. Augh! I just filled out the online application, with all the personal information, and when I hit Submit there was an immediate email response saying that Unfortunately all maid services in my area are FULL and to please reapply in a few months. Oh well! >:-(

    • That’s such a bummer. What a great idea. It just needs to grow. Oh well.

      • There are apparently three cleaning companies in Toronto that do this, but there are a LOT of cancer patients here, so… 😦

      • That’s a bummer. Well, if we don’t get to take advantage of it I’m glad it’s because they are doing their best and helping others.

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