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Last Supper



Did you know that when you are on chemo, it’s like being pregnant again?  No sushi, no unpasturized cheese, no rare burgers….  I know that this might be odd, but more than any other information about side effects or what this year will be like, this got the biggest reaction from me.  I’m mighty pissed.  So Ken and I went for my last sushi dinner last night, the last for about 5 months.  It was delicious.  I will miss it so.  I’m going to eat brie all day today.  This sucks.


3 thoughts on “Last Supper

  1. That is some sushi photo! I am glad it was a great dinner, and enjoy the brie for sure

  2. I miss all those things very much (oysters!) but was cheered by the nees that baked brie is okay. Did that last week: a little wheel with the lid sliced off, spread with tart quince jam and pecans, baked til toasty-melting and served with baguette and well-washed grapes.

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