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Putting Things In Perspective

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*I know that this is a controversial topic and please know that I respect everyone’s beliefs.*

Breast cancer sucks.  We all know this.  But any cancer sucks really.  What I’m going through is terrible and awful and I have been feeling pretty bad for myself lately.  There is nothing wrong with that because this is a difficult time in my life but there is one woman’s story that has come to my attention that has put things in perspective.

Here name is Brittany Maynard and she is a beautiful, intelligent 29 year old woman who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  Due to the nature of her cancer, she has been given only a few months to live and she learned that her death would entail a great deal of suffering.  Instead of settling for this, she and her family have uprooted their lives and moved to Oregon where they have Death With Dignity laws.

Death With Dignity is a law where doctors can prescribe life ending medications to those who are dying from a terminal disease, and want to end their lives in a peaceful way, on their terms, without suffering.  For those who choose to take the pill, they will simply drift of to sleep peacefully and will not wake up again.

I can not imagine being faced with a choice like this but I am so relieved that Brittany has a choice where she will not have to die painfully.  I think every state should have a law like this for those who have to make an equally terrible choice.

My heart goes out to Brittany and her family.  I can not even begin to imagine what you are going through.  I send love and support as you take this journey.

If you would like to send your support as well and learn more about Brittany, you can click here to send a card, learn about Death With Dignity or simply learn about Brittany’s plight.  I hope you will take a moment to learn about this incredible woman.  And no matter what is going on in your life that is difficult, painful, awful…think of one thing that you are grateful for today in your life.

I am grateful for my family and friends who lift me up when it all becomes too overwhelming.  They are all on this journey with me and have stepped up to the plate in a way that is truly inspiring.  Many of you call me brave.  All of the people who surround me every day are brave as well.  I want to acknowledge that.


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