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It’s been 4 days since my first chemo treatment.  I’m so grateful that so far, at least, I have managed to avoid the dreaded nausea and vomiting so commonly associated with the treatment.  Really, I could not be happier.  I do, however, feel like I’ve been hit by a ton of bricks.  I’m tired beyond tired and my thinking is kind of fuzzy.  Hopefully this will clear up in the next day or two as I hit my upswing.

I also seem to have caught the cold that Oliver has.  I had a sore throat that kept me up most of last night but I have been hydrating, hydrating, hydrating and that seems to have gone away.

Yesterday was a good day.  We even got to go to the park for a little family walk.  I haven’t gone out yet today but might try it as soon as Oliver wakes up from his nap.


That’s all for now.  Onward and upward!


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