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Refusing To Miss Out

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When I was given my schedule for chemotherapy treatment, I noticed that side effects would coincide with two major events this week: Halloween and the NYC Marathon, which my husband is running.  I am not someone who likes to miss out on things so when I found out about this I was pretty devastated.  After my last treatment, I was really tired as a result of my chemo and could barely move on Saturday and Sunday.  So my oncologist slightly adjusted my drugs since I didn’t experience any nausea.  To prevent nausea right away, I take steroids for 2 days after my infusion.  She has lowered the dosage so that my crash on Saturday and Sunday would not be as intense.

I’m am glad to say that I was able to go trick or treating last night with my son, husband and some local friends.  It took a lot of effort to get Oliver’s costume on but once we got outside and he realized that everyone was giving him candy, Oliver really got into the Halloween spirit.  Every house we passed he would say, “more treat? more treat?”  I think he’s hooked.  We stayed out for about an hour and a half.  I think Oliver could have kept going but I started to feel a little tired and we decided not to push it.  I came home, laid on the couch to rest and had a bowl of yummy soup for dinner.

IMG_5903 IMG_5913 IMG_5927 IMG_5934 IMG_5937

Today, I woke up feeling refreshed but at 10am am already starting to feel a bit tired.  I’m going to take it easy today because I’m really hoping I can support my husband tomorrow as he runs his second marathon.  I know how much it will mean to him for me to show up, even if I can’t make it to 4 stops like last year.  I want to do something but am definitely nervous of doing too much and pushing myself too far.

So we shall see.  Step by step.  Day by day.

*Ignore my typos.  I have chemo brain.*


One thought on “Refusing To Miss Out

  1. I’m inspired by you….and you are welcome to join us at our place to watch the marathon

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