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Remembering Brittany Maynard

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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled, Putting Things In Perspective about a young woman dying from an aggressive form of brain cancer.  After being given only six months to live with news of an agonizing death, she and her family moved to Oregon because of their Death With Dignity laws.  She decided that rather than die the certain painful death that is characteristic of her type of brain cancer, that she would end her life on her own terms and die peacefully with her family nearby.

On November 1st, Brittany Maynard did indeed end her life, after experiencing headaches and seizures that were progressively getting worse.  No matter how you feel about euthanasia, I think we can all agree that we are relieved that Brittany is no longer suffering.

I want to remember Brittany and thank her and her family for being an advocate for Dying With Dignity and being a public face at a time of extreme stress and pain.  You can read more about Brittany and he choice to end her life in this NY Times article.  

To Brittany’s family and friends, I am deeply sorry for your loss and wish you healing and peace in this very difficult time.  You are all in my thoughts.

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