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Welcome My New Wig!


I mentioned a few weeks ago, during my whole wig exploration drama that I was fortunate enough to be chosen to receive a wig from the organization, Hair We Share.  Hair We Share is a brand new not-for-profit whose mission is “Making a difference in the lives of those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions and treatment.  Relying solely on donations, in the form of real-hair ponytails and monetary contributions.  Providing quality hair solutions.  Committed to uplifting lives.”  Last week my wig arrived and earlier this week I took it to get it styled.

My mom’s hair stylist, Clyde from The Drawing Room very generously offered to cut my wig for free.  He has done it before for previous clients and is experienced at doing it for women suffering with hair loss, Orthodox Jewish women and for photo shoots.  Before I go on, I’d like to thank Clyde and the staff at The Drawing Room for the kindness and generosity during this time and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great experience and super hip cut.

My wig was made specifically for me from real donated hair.  Suzanne Chimera of Hair We Share had me take measurements of my head and looked at several photos of my on facebook to gauge color and shape.  My wig is hand made, wefted.  While it didn’t come styled, it was long enough that I could take it to a salon and have it custom cut so that it would suit my face and my style.

I’m not going to lie.  When I first got the wig I was a little nervous.  There was a lot of hair and it was pretty wild.  I wasn’t sure what could be done with it.  But put it in the hands of a professional, you have magic.

After putting it on, Clyde looked at the shape and then began to blow dry it and flatten it a bit with a flattening iron.  This is what it looked like flattened but uncut.

Flattened but uncut.

Flattened but uncut.

We had a long talk about the styling possibilities for the wig.  I let him know that I usually wear an angled bob at about chin length.  He dissuaded me from that choice for several reasons: 1) the texture of the hair, 2) how the hair was falling, 3) the fact that at that length we might be able to see the construction of the wig and, 4) the “no going back” factor.

He recommended, while different than my normal cuts, we keep some of the length.  This will allow for natural movement of the wig and the opportunity to make changes down the line if I so desired.  I trusted his expertise and let him do his thing.  Here is the process.


Cut with a little style

First he cut off some of the length and began to take some of the thickness out.  He started with scissors and then began using a buzzer as well.


Buzz in some layers and add a side-swept bang

He continued to use the buzzer to create a shape around the face and to make the ends a bit edgy.  He also started to cut some side-swept bangs.


Let’s make that full on bangs.

As he added more style, we noticed that the bangs kept falling into my face.  While I wanted to have the bangs off to the side, we realized that this might not be the best choice.  For the purposes of comfort and ease, we chose a full bang.  He added in more layering and style.

The final result

The final result

The final result is this gorgeous cut.  I love the cut so much, I’d even consider getting it when my hair goes back.

The wig I got is wonderful.  Clyde, the hairstylist said that he has seen many wigs and that the quality and workmanship are superb.  I’m so lucky to have received it.

What I like about this wig is that the color is very similar to my own and no grays!!!!!  The hair is great quality and soft.  And while I was nervous at first about all the hair on it, it actually made for a great custom cut, even if it’s slightly different than I normally wear.

I’m not going to lie, knowing that it is a wig and that the texture of the hair is slightly different than my own and it’s a bit thicker than my normal hair, I am getting used to the way it looks on me.  Part of me hoped that it could look exactly like my own hair but part of the whole experience of cancer is embracing change.  And this change is one of the positive ones.  I get to rock a cool new do and I get thicker hair!  Most women would kill for that!!!

And one cool thing about this wig is that the left side does a little flip while the right side stays flatter.  My regular hair does that so that is kind of serendipitous.

Thank you again to Suzanne Chimera and Hair We Share for donating this wonderful wig.  If you are interested in donating hair or money, please click on the link at the top of this post to learn more.  Or if you are interested in receiving a wig, click on the same link and follow the instructions for the application.


11 thoughts on “Welcome My New Wig!

  1. Carrie this wig looks gorgeous on you! It looks so real! And I agree that it’s a style you can rock when your own hair grows back!

  2. You are looking great in that wig!

  3. IT looks fantastic!

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience with your community. I learn from you all of the time, through your powerful words and your experience. This wig looks fantastic on you, and I wholly agree that the style is one you can rock when your own hair grows back. Thanks, brave friend. Gabrielle

  5. I’m a bit behind on posts but the wig looks gorgeous! I love all the wraps you are working, too!<3

  6. Hi Carrie, Vickie (my cousin, your Aunt) has been sharing your blog on facebook. I’ve been following along and I just want to say that I am so moved by your honesty and openness. To share your experience, on top of being a wife and mom, takes a lot of strength. I just wanted you to know that you have family in Maryland who is rooting for you as you kick cancers ass. – Kathy

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