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Summary of Side Effects From My Second Chemo Treatment


This post is coming a bit late.  Sorry about that.  Life seems to have gotten in the way a little bit (so have West Wing reruns on Netflix).  In ways this week was better and worse than the first.

Here is how my second chemo treatment went.  Since I crashed really hard after the first treatment and got really tired, my oncologist took me off some of my steroids to ease the crash into fatigue.  I’m not sure that helped too much.  I didn’t experience any nausea again, which is fantastic.  I really hope that keeps up and I’m one of the lucky ones.  I also had more of an appetite this time around and was able to eat even on my worst day.  I found hydrating to be harder though.  I just don’t want to drink and water is not as appetizing due to the bad taste in my mouth.  I need to be better about this no matter what.  Hydrating is probably one the most important things I can do and I have not been diligent enough this time around.

My last infusion was two Wednesdays ago and I felt good the next day and Friday (Halloween) although I tuckered out really easily after trick or treating.  By Saturday I was getting tired but I was still functional and was able to push through some of the fatigue.  I even went out to dinner with my family.  This was very exciting for me because the next day Ken was running the marathon and I thought I would be able to go and cheer him on.  I even had passes to the bleacher seats by the finish line.

My body had other plans.  On Sunday I woke up weak, extremely fatigued and feeling overall awful.  I tried to shower and get dressed but found even standing was difficult to do.  Hell, laying down was difficult.  I can’t even begin to describe the type of tired I felt.  It’s indescribable and all consuming.  Needless to say, I never made it to the marathon and just stayed on the couch all day.

By Monday, I was feeling a bit better.  I was still very tired but well enough to go with Ken and Oliver to the zoo.  We kept the pace slow which was perfect.  Then by Tuesday I started feeling more like myself again.  However, I have felt tired all week.  That could be due to daylight savings but I’m not sure.

One strange thing I have noticed is that I’m starting to get brown spots on the palm of my left hand.  Strange, right?  I don’t know what that is about and hope it is not indicative of a bigger problem.  We shall see.

I have lost more hair.  Actually, it has been falling out really slowly and I have been very pissed off about that.  I thought that maybe I was a rare exception and that maybe it wouldn’t all fall out.  But this morning, a huge patch at the front of my head came out in the shower.  So now the front of my head is bald but the back is still thick with a few patches.  I look like a sick dog.  I just wish it would all fall out already.  If it’s going to go, I want it all to go.  It’s itchy and irritating this way.

Finally, I kind of got my period.  Sorta, maybe.  Before chemo I was just finally getting my period back after weaning from breastfeeding but chemo suppresses a female’s period.  Yesterday I started staining and today there’s barely anything.  For many women this would be a perk.  But I’m a freak who likes getting her period because it tells me that everything is working as it should.  Losing my period is a huge loss for me and something that is hard to deal with.  Nothing I can do about that.

My third infusion is tomorrow.  I’m really dreading it because the fatigue is cumulative and it’s been really tough already.  I can’t imagine it any worse.  But after tomorrow’s treatment, I only have one more to go of this combination before I move on to the Taxol.  Send me positive energy filled with caffeine.  I’m going to need it.


11 thoughts on “Summary of Side Effects From My Second Chemo Treatment

  1. Sending you so many good vibes. Love you.

    Sent from my iPhone 5


  2. Psst… just tug it out. Give it a li’l helping hand. Lord knows I wish I ha- it only was unmoored for five days of the first cycle, and what was left made me look like a demented troll. I ended up having my hairdresser take off the rest with clippers.

  3. Thanks for the update. Always good to know what is happening for you- you are often in my thoughts. Sending you love and light and metaphysical caffeine.

  4. sending ❤ and strength (in its many forms).

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  7. Thank you all for words of encouragement , i am a male of 54 yrs , was diagnosed with with ductal carcinoma ( breast ) the worst pain is to have no one around you when you are facing this challenge.

    South Africa

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