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Chemo Perks!

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When we hear the word “chemotherapy” most of us think of terrible nausea, vomiting, hair loss. weight loss, looking and feeling like hell and being hooked up to machines that dispense poison into your body.  Some or all of these are true.  With all of the terrible side effects, I have found some perks.  They don’t necessarily make up of the the tough stuff but we have to take the positive where we can get it.

1)  When it’s foggy, misty, humid or rainy like it was today, I don’t have a bad hair day!!!!


2) I don’t have shave my underarms or legs which saves time in the shower which is good for the environment!


3) I normally have oily skin but lately it’s dryer.  This is good because my makeup stays put rather than melting off by the middle of the day!


photo from Bobbi Brown

4) I also normally have oily eyelids and by the middle of the day, even with eye primer my eye makeup is globbed up in the crease of my eye.  Now my eye makeup stays put.

Photo taken from Loreal

Photo taken from Loreal

These are just superficial things.  I’d rather be cancer free than have any of the above but I’ll take my superficial perks.  I’ll take what I can get.  If you are going through treatment or have gone through treatment, what perks did you experience?


One thought on “Chemo Perks!

  1. Inspired by your humor and focus on the positive. I know you would trade all of these in a heartbeat, but that does not change the power of finding light where it can shine/creep in. Thinking of you often, sending light & love. Gabrielle

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