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I’m Losing My….

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I bet you think I’m going to say, “mind,” right?  Well, believe it or not, I’m somehow maintaining my sanity.  But I’m losing something else.  My nose hair.

Now, why is that a big deal, you ask?  Why do we need nose hair?  According to, nose hair, “protects the epidermal layer of your skin from small abrasions and sunlight. Nasal hair also has a more specialized function, creating a shield between your body’s internal organs and the pollutants of the outside world. When you inhale, you can potentially take in small particles along with oxygen, but nose hairs filter away most debris.”  I’m more susceptible to those little but tough winter buggies that are going around.  Not a great thing when you are immuno-suppressed.

About five to six weeks ago I had a cold but my nose has never really stopped running.  And now with this arctic NYC weather, my nose is like a faucet.  I can barely walk fifty feet without having to stop and blow my nose.  Apparently, nose hairs also prevent your boogies from pouring out like a beer from a tap.  But, I’m losing them, so……

And now, here’s the kicker.  I’m losing most of my nose hairs EXCEPT……the little ones that can stick out in the front.  For.  Real.

So fuck you again, cancer.  FUCK! YOU!

nose hair


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