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Oh, No! Oh, No! It’s Gobbled My Toe!

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boa_constrictorI have mentioned many, many times on this blog that I count myself lucky that I have avoided, so far, some of the more awful side effects of chemotherapy.  I haven’t had it easy at all but on a scale of feeling yucky to begging the god I don’t believe in for mercy, I’ve pretty much fallen on the lesser end.  But, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been without side effects of the unpleasant nature (see my post about week three).  So, it is with great displeasure and gag reflexes that I introduce you to my new, huge, strange side effect.

It all started three days ago.  I had a harmless itch in between my toes (the middle and fourth one specifically) and I non-chalantly scratched it, as one would.  I have a little bit of eczema on my feet, and I had some there so I scraped a little bit of dry skin when I scratched.  No big deal, right?  Well, when you’re immuno-suppressed, I guess everything you do is a big deal.  No itch is neutral!  No scratch is safe!  Fast forward two days later and my toe (the fourth one) is so swollen, I can barely walk!!!!!!  Not the big toe, not the pinky, the fourth one and the fourth one only.  And holy fuck, does it hurt!!!!!!!

I went to the doctor today to check it out and we think it’s infected so I’m taking antibiotics.  The good news is that it seems to be localized and will not impact my treatment next week.  The bad news is, my feet are fugly!!!!!  And ouchy!

Sometimes you have to look at what’s happening to you as a result of treatment and just laugh.  Not because it’s funny but because it’s freakin’ ridiculous and stupid!!!!!  But hey, cancer is ridiculous and stupid.  So I guess this all makes sense after all.


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