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Finally Feeling Good

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This weekend has been such a treat for me.  As I started my new chemo treatment on Wednesday, I feared the possible new side effects I would experience, even though I was told that this treatment would be less harsh.  But after going through what I went through these last two months, I was skeptical and afraid of what I would face.  I have to say, I haven’t felt this good in quite a while.  To celebrate, I had a weekend full of activities (and now I’m completely pooped).

On Friday, I met up with my mom and Aunt Vickie and we took a trip to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Killer Heels exhibit.  Is is a comprehensive history of the high heel over the centuries.  Let me just say, they were all amazingly gorgeous (some were really strange) but I’m so glad that I live in my Dansko’s.  This was my first trip out doing something fun for a very long time and it’s clear that I will need to do this for myself more often, even if it’s just once in a while.  It refreshed my body and mind.

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On Saturday, I toured a preschool for Oliver and then went into Downtown Brooklyn to do some holiday shopping for Oliver at the Transit Museum.  Oliver is obsessed with NYC trains so I got him a bunch of stuff at the museum store.  I can’t wait to give him all of his gifts this week.  Then after Oliver’s nap, we went to a birthday party for one of his friends, and just being out and socializing was absolutely amazing!  I have been feeling pretty isolated lately so getting out with other people in a social situation was very much needed.

Today was filled with a ton of fun filled family activities.  First, Oliver went to his tumbling class.  He’s learning how to walk on a balance beam and do a backwards roll!  All week, Oliver has been begging us to take him to the zoo.  He loves seeing the sheep and the goats, even though he’s afraid to feed them.  But he tries every time.  He’ll get the courage one of these days.

IMG_5410Now that I have some of my appetite back, I decided that I wanted to go with Oliver and Ken to City Bakery, where they have the most incredible hot chocolate.  For the month of December, they feature a new hot chocolate each day, even though I always go for the classic.  It was Oliver’s first ever hot chocolate, but he preferred the pumpkin pie.  He loved it so much, he ate it with both his fork and pointy finger.  Ken and I had to beg for a bite!

imagesWe ended the day with a walk through the Union Square Holiday Market.  Every year I go there and just peruse the stalls, looking at all the pretty and unique things I can buy.  I could do some serious damage there.  But this year we only got something for Oliver (of course).  Maybe next year I’ll treat myself to a few trinkets.

1512522_736265656401481_1811941197_nAfter all of this fun, I’m supposed to be cleaning the house with Ken.  My sister-in-law is coming to stay with us this week and Oliver’s 2nd birthday is on Saturday (GAH!) and we’re having a small party for him on Sunday with his friends.  We need a clean house.  But I’m pooped and I seriously shouldn’t over exert myself.  😉  So, here I am, lying on my couch, writing to all of you.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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