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A Letter To Oliver On His 2nd Birthday

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Dear Oliver,

I can’t believe that exactly two years ago, 16 days past your due date (I cried every one of those days because I ached to meet you) you came into my life and changed it forever.  You made entering the world difficult so I couldn’t hold you at first. But when they got you I heard you crying.  I called to you, letting you know that I was close by.  Your crying stopped.

IMG_4129The first thing that I remember about you is that you had your Daddy’s nose, my pout and that before you started to cry, you would snort like a little piggy.  I nicknamed you, Piglet.  We fell in love with you instantly and you made us into a new family.

new familyIt wasn’t very long before your personality started to spring out of you.  You would just smile and make the funniest faces, as if you wanted to make the world laugh, something you love to do now.

IMG_1924 IMG_2238 IMG_1394The thing I love about you most is that you are gentle and caring beyond your years.  I don’t know of any other baby who would be so patient and understanding of his mother’s ailing needs.IMG_5234We are a perfect pair.  I was meant to be your mother and you were meant to be my son.

IMG_0973 IMG_4656 IMG_3477 IMG_3024 IMG_6939 0006 IMG_5606You love to make jokes and make everyone around you laugh.  You love to eat applesauce, granola, peas, chicken, blackberries, apples and cookies but you’ll try almost anything, even foie gras!!!!  Your passion are NYC subway trains.  You know almost every line by letter and color and beg every day for a ride.  We try to oblige.  You also love singing your abc’s and counting to 10, even though you’ve made it to 15 a few times.  You love to run up and down hills screaming, “Yay!  Alright!” over and over again.  You love your friends and never hesitate to give them a hug or a tickle.  Your favorite books are, Subway, Goodnight Moon, Play and Learn Slide and Find ABC, Yummy Yucky and No No, Yes Yes.  You give the best snuggles and each one is never long enough for me, but I always agree to let you go.

These last two years have been the best of my life and I can’t wait to experience the next one.  When you are two, you will go to school for the first time, learn to speak full sentences and be able to jump, all things you are working so hard on right now.

Thank you for letting me be your mother and sharing your joy with me every day.  No matter what life may bring, I will move mountains to be with you.  Overcome every struggle.

I love you!  Happy Birthday!




One thought on “A Letter To Oliver On His 2nd Birthday

  1. What an adorable little guy you have there! He is such a cutie. Your letter to him was beautiful. I wish now I had done that for my kids when they were young.

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