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In An Interesting Turn Of Events


A few weeks ago I cried to all of you because I had lost my beloved brows and only had a few more lashes to call my own.  With several chemo treatments to go and the main side effect of that chemo being hair loss, I thought I would be looking like this for the next two to three months.

coneheadI was prepared for it.  And though I wouldn’t say I embraced it, I knew that it was just something I was going to have to live with for a while and I was fine with that.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I started growing some peach fuzz on my face again.  Then it started growing on my head.  Now, my eyebrows are coming back in, and they all just fell out!!!  But they are coming back in fully.  See?

IMG_6917It’s crazy!!!!  This shouldn’t be happening, but it is.  It really, really is.  My hair is coming back!!!!


2 thoughts on “In An Interesting Turn Of Events

  1. What is your secret? You could patent it and make a fortune.

  2. If I knew, I’d put it in a bottle. Seriously.

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