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Which One Are You

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On the way home tonight from a fabulous and fun bachelorette party (it was so amazing seeing old friends and being out and drinking margaritas and tequila shots and…oh, I hope that’s ok with my oncologist) I decided to listen to The Moth podcast.  One of the stories was of a woman who had battled cancer (she doesn’t specify which one) and she is forced to ask herself as she loses her hair, “Am I a scarf person or am I a wig person?”  Her story tells of how she discovers which one she is.

scarf wig

I am mostly a scarf person.  I have a beautiful wig which I love but, ultimately, I feel more comfortable on a day to day basis in my scarves.  I wear my wig mostly when I work or go out somewhere special.  My scarves are for being at home, running errands, seeing friends casually, etc…which has been the majority of my life since I’ve lost my hair.

But this woman’s story touches on a lot of issues that comes with hair loss and deciding on how you are going to wear your illness.  Because, no matter what, wig or scarf, we are always wearing our cancer.

So, what are you?  A wig person or a scarf person?  If you wear wigs, do/did you wear one that was close to your natural hairstyle or do/did you use this as an opportunity to have the hair you’ve always wanted (that would have been strawberry blond and shiny and straight for me)?  If you wear scarves, do you tie them simply or do you go all out with fancy, intricate designs?

Here is the postcast.  Click on the first link, “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.”  It’s a tender, funny listen.


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