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Happy Birthday, Ken!!!!

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IMG_4600When you are going through cancer, sometimes you are only as strong as the support that is holding you up.  I can only imagine that hearing on August 1st, that his wife had cancer was one of the scariest, most awful days of his life.

Anyone who has experienced cancer either personally, through a friend or family member knows that it effects everyone.  Sometimes I don’t know how it effects Ken.  He doesn’t talk about it on an emotional level but only what needs to be accomplished.  “We only have 7 more chemo’s to go!”  “We have to wipe down all of the surfaces with Clorox wipes.”  That’s the sort of thing I hear.  But I know he is worried about so much more.

So, I want to take a moment to acknowledge, thank and honor my husband, Ken Larsen for all of the things he has done for me, in our lives together, our 7 1/2 years of marriage and in this most awful six months.  I would be nothing…NOTHING without him.  I would be nothing without his optimism, his organization and his sacrifice (mostly of sleep!).

This is the man who gets up most mornings before me to get Oliver out of bed so I can at least have an extra 5 minutes of sleep.  This is the man who changed my drains after my surgery and didn’t puke so I wouldn’t puke.  This is the man who makes me dinner and lunches all the time so I have one less thing to do.  This is the man who calls 10 times a day, just to see how I’m doing and asks, “So, what’s up?  What are you doing?” over and over and over and over again.  This is the man who brings humor to all of my chemo related maladies.  This is the man who shaved my head and turned my crying into laughter and despair into fun.

This is the man I am so glad is my husband.  Happy birthday, Ken!

IMG_6600IMG_7102 IMG_6789IMG_2104


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