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Cancer Valentines

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!  Today was a lovely day.  My husband works on all holidays, one of the downsides to being married to a pastry chef, but Oliver and I got to spend some quality time together after a long work week.  We began the day by going to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, a favorite place of Oliver’s and he had a great time.  Then we had a quiet evening at home where we played games, made Ken a crafty Valentine, and snuggled a bunch.  Ken and I will probably go out tomorrow night to celebrate his birthday and Valentine’s Day.

IMG_7016 IMG_7023 IMG_7030 IMG_7033

We aren’t big on getting Valentine’s Day gifts around here (although I wouldn’t complain if I did get one) but wanted to write a post about, if I were to receive a lovely gift from my one and only dearest, these are things that I think I or many other young cancer patients would like.  Here are 10 ideas in no particular order.

  1. A beauty treatment like a massage, body scrub or facial.  Chemotherapy wreaks havoc on our bodies.  Doing something nice for it sounds incredible.  I would personally love a nice massage and a facial for my newly dried out skin.bondmassage-e1349316743855
  2. A cozy, soft cashmere sweater.  Like this one.
  3. A beautiful scarf to wear on the head.  I’m going to reach for the stars here and go Hermes.hermes1
  4. These organic soaps are so pretty!!! BWS_large
  5. Organic makeup.  I still have to do research on this but this brand looks pretty good.  Do you recommend any?LSS_Group__20429.1412119629.238.238
  6. Non-toxic nail polishnail
  7. House cleaning.  Because a clean house is a healthy house.
  8. Movie night with favorite movies and snacks.
  9. A lovely card or stationary, like these.  So you can write those thank you notes for all of the wonderful gifts you have gotten.nic
  10. A delicious homemade meal.  Because sometimes going out isn’t an option.

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