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3, 2, 1

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hqdefaultIt’s the final countdown, everyone!!!!  In just over three weeks, I will finally be done with chemo!!!!  It’s hard to believe.  It’s been such a long road.  I remember when I started.  I knew that there was an end point but it seemed so far away.  You know that part in Poltergeist where the mom is running to get Carrie Ann and the hallway gets longer and longer and no matter how fast and hard the mother runs, she just can’t get to the door?  That’s what my experience has been like.

But somehow, some way, the door is here.  In three more weeks I can walk through it and the close it behind me.  I’m not sure what that looks like yet.  I don’t know what life without chemo is like anymore but I can’t wait to find out!!!!


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