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What To Get Someone Who Is Going Through Cancer Treatment: The Warm Weather Edition


kiwiSometimes people come to me and tell me about a relative or friend who, like me, is undergoing treatment for cancer.  “I really want to do something for her or get her something.  What do you think I should do?”  As always, sending a meal, a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant for take out is always appreciated.  So is laundry service.  I always say these things.  But maybe you wan to get something a little more personal or original.  Here are some ideas.

For battling chemo brain.

  1. To keep the mind busy and creative, this adult coloring book would be great.  The hours spent in chemo treatment would fly by.  These colored pencils are super fancy but you can always go crayola.
  2. I got this Fuck Cancer needlepoint as a gift.  It was already made for me but you can always give it as an activity.

To make her feel pretty.

  1. These non-toxic nail polishes come in array of colors.  I think I might have found my spring red!  Or how about this sparkly number for a party (on the couch)!!!
  2. These all natural lipsticks look really pretty.  I like this pink, this peachy nude, this bright pink lip glaze, and I’ll take one in every shade.
  3. has a ton of vintage silk scarves that can be worn as head wraps.  I love the colors in this one.  Are you rich?  You can always buy Hermes!

To keep her comfy cozy.

  1. I love this bathrobe!!!  Not only is it adorable, but you can use it as a towel after a soothing bath and never get dressed!!!
  2. Just because she’s going through hell doesn’t mean she can’t be completely adorable in this loungy romper.
  3. These socks make me happy and would cheer up any infusion center.  I like these slipper socks too.

To keep her nourished and hydrated.

  1. I love my Zoku pop maker.  I can freeze juice, smoothies and even alcoholic concoctions (which I wouldn’t recommend too often on chemo).  You can get a recipe book but the also have a free recipe blog.
  2.  A popcorn machine.  How cute is this one?  It’s a healthy snack and this book with it might be nice.

For going to chemo but still remaining fashion forward.

  1. This tunic is a splurge but it’s super cute and her port would be easily accessible.  Instead you could do these boyfriend tees which look loose fitting and comfy.
  2. A vintage silk scarf to wear on the head is great.  I like this springy print, and this, and this.

For sun protection.

  1. A classic floppy sunhat is great to protect her from the sun.  This one is amazing!!!  This one just makes me smile!
  2. A great, natural sunscreen.

To pull at her heart strings.

  1. This necklace is so special.  I’d wear it every day.
  2. To snuggle and make her smile.

7 thoughts on “What To Get Someone Who Is Going Through Cancer Treatment: The Warm Weather Edition

  1. I get how you feel. My Onco, although she did not leave MSKCC, she moved to a Harrison location. I am following her there now. But if I ever need to be treated, and let’s hope I never do, I will see her in the city which she is there once a week (for stage 4 patients only).

  2. Wait. Just noticed this was meant for the “Saying Good-bye” post. Am I going nuts? I thought I was commenting there. hmmm…sorry about that.

    I do have a suggestion for this post.

  3. Thanks for sharing your list!

    I recently read a book called, “Getting Past the Fear: A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy” by Nancy Stordahl (Blogger: Nancy’s Point) and thought it was a really good guide to help newly diagnosed patients who are starting chemo therapy. This would be a good addition to your list as well.

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