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Cool and I’m Not Even Tryin’


Evidently, I’m hip.  On trend.  Cool.  It’s not even on purpose.  My once chocolate brown hair is coming in a silvery salt and pepper.  I’ve been really upset by this but I’ve been told that the big trend in hair right now is silver hair!  On purpose!

Friends have given me compliments, telling me they love the look (thank you if you meant it and thank you if you were just being nice).  I’ve also been stopped on the street a couple of times or asked by strangers where I’m getting it done.  “The NYU Cancer Center, of course.  For a few copays a month or $200,000 without insurance, you can get the same look, too!” (No, I’ve never actually said that.)

I’m not sure if I want to keep the look, enhance the look or go back to my original color.  What do you think?IMG_1127 IMG_1128 IMG_1129Here are some ideas to inspire.

silver1 silver2 silver3 silver4 silver5 silver6


3 thoughts on “Cool and I’m Not Even Tryin’

  1. I remember my “silver hair days” and I wasn’t too happy about it so I never exposed it. I would go with what makes you feel comfortable. You are young and cute so you can probably pull off any look. You look nice now but your old color will come back too. I like the silver look on other people but not on me.

    But if so many people like it I would stick with it for a bit longer.

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