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Off My Game


So, I’ve been a little off this week.  I’m distracted with a possible new side effect, lymphedema and it’s completely freaking me out.  I don’t know that this is what I have, I’m going to be looked at tomorrow, but I’m so tired and frustrated.  Just when I am starting to feel good, something else could be going wrong.

All the thoughts about the consequences of living with lymphedema (I’ll get into that if it turns out I have it) have been having an effect on my work.  I’m just not on top of it like I usually am.  I’m distracted and unfocused.  I know that this can happen with anyone for any stressful reason so, my question is… when life is getting you down, when you are just not yourself and not at your best, what do you do to snap back into it?  Any tricks?


2 thoughts on “Off My Game

  1. Carrie, good luck tomorrow! I hope it’s nothing.

    I think your are a sensible person and handle things well, considering.

    I usually kick and moan first. Maybe do a little screaming too. Talk to people who are willing to just listen. Go for long walks. Exercise (biking). Write about it, like you do. I try to distract myself as much as possible until I get some answers or come up with a solution.

    Hang in there and please keep us posted.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I hope it’s nothing too. Just the prospect of something else being wrong and so soon is extremely overwhelming and is causing a lot of anxiety. I have been exercising the last few days and am feeling great on that front. My husband got home too late for me to go out again but I’m definitely going tomorrow. Hopefully that will help too.

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