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15 Random Things About Me


Go away for a little while and you miss the party!!!!!  Last week Nancy from the amazing blog Nancy’s Point challenged us to write 15 facts about ourselves.  Lots of you took her up on her challenge and I can’t wait to read them all.  I did something similar in this post but I will try to come up with 15 new ones so you can learn a little bit about me.


1. I can’t whistle or snap my fingers.  I’ve tried.  I really have but it won’t work!!!!

2. My first real job was as a singing waitress here in NYC.  I haven’t sung in years so I’m rusty but I still love to belt a show tune in the shower.

3. I played the cello when I was young.  It’s still my favorite sound and I cry when I hear someone playing it.

4. I don’t like playing sports.  At all.  I think playing a game where a ball is flying at rapid speeds toward your head is just plain stupid and I won’t do it!

5. I’m a cheap date.  2 glasses of wine and I’m drunk.

6.  I make really good mashed potatoes.

7. If I won the lottery I would buy a house, travel the world, start my own global theatre organization, help my family out of debt and help fund a cure for breast cancer.

8. I can fold my tongue in three like a fan.

9. I love the movies.  I can spend the day going from movie to movie without leaving the theatre but I haven’t done it since having Oliver.

10. My background is Hungarian, Russian and Polish.  I’m a full fledged Eastern European Jew (although I practice atheism religiously).

11. When I was young, I made up a game for when I went to a museum.  I would imagine that I had unlimited amounts of money and that I could buy anything I wanted in the museum.  But this wealth came with a rule.  I could only buy one thing from each window or exhibit.  I’d have to make a choice.  In my mind I still play this game with myself.  Hours of entertainment, people!!!

12. I can’t watch movies with torture in it.  It makes me too upset and I get physically ill.

13. I like to think that I’m pretty sophisticated and yet I love a good fart joke.

14. My oldest friend has been my friend since birth.  Really.  She’s two years older than me so she’s been with me since my beginning.  My best friends are all ones that I’ve had since childhood.

15. I’m not afraid of heights but I’m afraid of falling.  I hate the feeling.

There you go.  That’s 15!  Anything else you want to know?


6 thoughts on “15 Random Things About Me

  1. Fascinating list you got here! We have some things in common but hold off on #4. I am an MVP volleyball player and love the sport. I can only whistle at night, for some strange reason.

    You used to be a singer, how nice! And you played the cello. I love the violin and wish I could play it.

    How many languages do you speak?

    • I only speak un poquito espanol. I used to be very good but I forgot it all. I would love to take classes again. But to find free time…..I’m getting to your list soon. I can’t wait to read it!

  2. I used to do number 11 with catalogues weather they were food or department stores I didn’t care and my rule was 2 items from each page. I loved it! Great list you have there and boy aren’t we different when it comes to the cinema and movies? hehe

    • Yes we are. I love the movies. I can do the same thing with plays too. My dad, during the holidays when I was young, would take me to a matinee and then another evening performance. I loved it!

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