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Bit of Happiness #12

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This was a long week.  Oliver got sick and we had to scramble for childcare so I could work.  My students performed their original show and it was great.  But the highlight of the week was taking Oliver to see his first movie.

I love the movies.  Before Oliver, an exciting day for me would be seeing multiple movies in a row.  I’d go online and scroll through all of the movie theaters and the start times.  I’d choose the right theatre with the movies I wanted to see and, as if mathematically, plan out when and how I would see each movie.  It was heaven.

I have been waiting until the day I could take Oliver to his first movie and, on Sunday, we decided to take him to see “The Good Dinosaur.”

Oliver was wonderful during the movie.  He sat still for about an hour before he needed to get up and move around.  For a child that is not even three years old, I think that’s pretty great.  After that we took him to the bathroom a couple of times, and he ran up and down the stairs, switching seats for the rest of the movie.  But he liked it.  He talks about it every once in a while.  I can’t wait to take him to more.


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