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Asking a Favor From The Blogging Community

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I have a favor to ask all of you. As you may have read this morning, Facebook removed my posts that linked to my latest blog post. My guess is because it contained pictures of breasts. The pictures were not in bad taste and were meant to educate. I feel that by removing and blocking my post, they are censoring me. There are many posts out there of practically naked men and that’s allowed. There are photos of scantily clad women laying suggestively on sports cars. That’s allowed. I think my post about something thousands of American women and probably millions of women worldwide go through should be shared. If you agree with me that I have been wrongly censored, I ask that you go to my blog,, link to my post, “Decisions, Decisions,” then copy the link and post it to your page with the message I will provide below (or you can write something original if you want). Please add the hashtag, ‪#‎facebookcensorship‬. Thank you!!!

Dear Facebook,

On 12/11/15, Carrie Ellman-Larsen, posted a link from her blog, My Little Bs Have the Big C on her personal page and breast cancer page. The post was about her upcoming reconstruction surgery following her mastectomy. The post was removed and blocked by Facebook, likely due to the fact that the blog post contained pictures of breasts.

Carrie’s blog is used to educate, share stories and build community. This post was indicative of her mission to share and educate others through her personal experience. As such, all of her photos were from medical sites with links and photo credits. None of the pictures were offensive or in bad taste.

By removing and blocking her post, not only are you censoring, you are sending a message that breasts are something to be ashamed of and hidden. You are saying that they are symbols of sex and sexual desires and nothing more.

A mastectomy is an amputation of an important and necessary part of the body. If someone had an extremity amputated and shared photos of prosthetics, that would be allowed. That was what was done here, but with breasts.

I ask that you unblock the link to the post and reshare them on Carrie’s personal and blog page. #facebookcensorship



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