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My Last Post Removed From Facebook

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Hello friends,

My post below about the decisions I’ve had to make recently about my breast reconstruction and further treatment have been removed from Facebook.  I suspect because it contained pictures of breasts.  I’m shocked and appalled that they would remove such photos since the content was not pornographic in nature and, in fact, was taken from a medical site.  Shame on Facebook for this but allowing Donald Trump to spew words of hate and racism.  That’s messed up.  If you know how I can pursue this matter, please let me know.  Below is the message I wrote to Facebook and the link to my blog post.

Earlier this evening, I posted a link from my blog about my upcoming breast cancer reconstruction. My posts have been removed and blocked. In my blog, there were pictures of breasts. They were posted from an accredited medical site, and were credited with the photo. These were not pornographic in nature whatsoever. They represented what happens to breasts after a medical procedure. My blog post linked to medical sites for medical information about the procedures as they were described to me. I know that Facebook is very careful about what content it allows. I’m shocked that it has removed and blocked a post that is about breast cancer and a traumatic breast cancer experience. I ask that you unblock my link and post them again.
Thank you


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