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Bits of Happiness #14: Birthday Parties and Birthday Traditions

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Each year for Oliver’s birthday, since he was a year old, we take a trip to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn to see the amazing Christmas lights that the rich people put up on their homes.  It’s truly a sight to see.  This is the first year that we brought Oliver to see them that he really appreciated them.  He loved seeing all the Santas!

This year was his first school birthday party and it was a blast.  I came with him in the morning and read one of his favorite books, Popcorn by Frank Ash.  Then we used our bodies to act out how a corn kernel becomes popcorn.  It was super cute to work with three year olds and pop up all over the place.  Then I brought in my popcorn maker and we watched popcorn pop!!!  They had a blast.  Then we sang Happy Birthday to Oliver with daddy’s famous brownies and the popcorn we made.  How cute is he in his birthday crown?


Oliver’s first school birthday party. He loved being at the center of attention!

Then, on Sunday, we hosted a birthday party.  We had to cancel last year’s party because I was in the hospital and sick because I had no white blood cells left.  So we really did it up this year.  We had a train themed party.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures.  We had close to 40 people over so I mostly socialized but Oliver loved having all of his friends over to play.  He was such a little social butterfly!!!  It was a really happy birthday!


We had about 35 people at our home. It ended up being fantastic and he loved his birthday cupcakes.

Cute quotes from the day:

This we heard from our beds at 7am: “Mommy!  Daddy!  Wake up!  I’m 3 years old!”

“Mommy, I’m three years old.  Can I drink coffee now?”

To his friends that walked in: “Did you bring me a present, please?  Thank you!”



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