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True Confessions


I’m not going to lie.  For the last two weeks, I’ve been eating everything in sight.  For example, last week I was on a short vacation to visit my brother in D.C.  The hotel breakfast was terrible so we bought some croissants to tide us over.  I ate the croissant and then went out for a full breakfast…two days in a row!!!!!  This is so not like me but recently, I couldn’t care less!  My theory is that in five days, they’re going to suck the fat out of me anyway and put it in my boob.  Why shouldn’t I have a little fun?  And I have.  I’ve been having A LOT OF FUN!!!!  Yum……

True confessions.


My Little Bs Have The Big C


Have you behaved badly?  Do you have any true confessions to share?


3 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. Nothing wrong with indulging! I am actually guilty of this myself. Gained a few pounds the last couple of months. Time for me to watch it. You take your time to recover. And please keep us posted.

  2. Chocolate digestive biscuits!!!! They are my sweet thing!!!

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