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Awesome Breastforms


I was at my physical therapist’s office today and as I was getting undressed, I noticed that she had a little knit boobie on her desk.  “What is that,” I asked?  I thought it was one of those little beanies you put on babies when you’re breastfeeding.  But no, that’s not what it was.  It is a breast form, by Awesome Breastforms, for women who find a traditional prosthesis uncomfortable or too heavy.

The great thing about these breast forms are that they are hand knit or crocheted by volunteers.  These volunteers not only custom make a breast form but they pay for the yarn and the shipping!!!  That means that there are many women (and men, maybe) who not only give their time but there money to make a difference in the life of a woman who has gone through breast cancer surgery.

I’ll be adding the link to my Freebies section (see above) but I wanted to share this resource with you now.  If I knew about this before my reconstruction, I would have gotten one for myself.  Wanting a little boobie pillow isn’t a good enough reason for one, unfortunately.

Let me know if you get one!!!!


5 thoughts on “Awesome Breastforms

  1. I recently discovered an organization called Knitted Knockers. They do exactly what you describe in your post. My husband bought me a Knitted Knockers kit so I could knit a set and donate it. More info her:

  2. What a great idea! I would like to find out about becoming a volunteer, it is annoying they insist on having facebook (I don’t) but I will try and find out more. Thanks for the tip!

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