My Little Bs Have the Big C

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4 thoughts on “Bits of Happiness #27

  1. My husband is a chef. Oh, the joy! I love not cooking!
    I just wanted to say Hi!

    • Hi, Tammy! You’re lucky, your husband cooks. My husband rarely cooks at home and almost never bakes. But when I go to one of the restaurants he works in, we are treated well.

      • He cooks and I clean. That’s our deal! I should be glad he doesn’t bake. I have no self control when pastries are around! I’m so happy to meet you and I’ll keep an eye out for new posts from you!💕

      • Thanks! I’m working on a new post now. Hopefully I’ll get it out soon. I’m trying to check out your page but it isn’t loading. Not sure if it’s my computer being moody…

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