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Hello! It’s Me!


Never, ever underestimate the power if a good haircut.  It has all sorts of healing powers.  When I had my real hair, I loved getting my hair done.  I always felt fresh and put together afterward.

Since finishing chemo and having my hair grow back, I’ve been getting short pixie cuts.  While I have enjoyed the pampering, a haircut was really about maintaining the wild and crazy hair that was growing.  It was hair that I did not recognize.  Curly, thick, coarse, dry.  It wasn’t mine and it had a mind of it’s own.  And even though I liked the cuts and styles I received, they just didn’t feel like me.

Yesterday’s haircut was completely different.  For the first time in a year and a half I feel like myself!  I look like myself!  As my stylist was cutting my hair, I felt like the statue under the marble that was being chiseled back to life.  But instead of a statue, it was me.  The me I remember.  As he finished his last snip here and there, I started to cry.  He asked why.  “Because, it’s me!!!  I look like myself!!!!  I see me!!!!!”  He took that as the compliment I meant it to be.

My hair isn’t quite as long as it used to be, although it never was very long, it’s getting pretty close.  And it’s long enough to have the short bob style that I loved.

So, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, I’d like to present…..ME!!!!!!!  I’m back!!!!!


I love this 20s bob!



Look at how cute it is from the back!




9 thoughts on “Hello! It’s Me!

  1. Your hair looks great and you look beautiful!

  2. You look so happy! Love the hair, and the big gorgeous smile 🙂

    • Thanks! I really am very happy with my haircut. I’m fidgeting less with myself and not as worried all the time about my appearance. It’s very freeing.

  3. looks great!

  4. Loving your haircut!! You look beautiful. I’ve always had long hair but I can’t let it grow that long anymore. I got a bob once and loved it. I now keep my hair curly. But I do miss that very first haircut I got after finishing chemo. Hair looked very short, soft and adorable. Now it’s back to being crazy and difficult to manage.

    Enjoy your new haircut! xx

  5. Your hair looks fab! I totally relate to the trying to tame curly, crazy hair…that’s where I am right now ; ) xx

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