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Bits Of Happiness #22

“You don’t appreciate the present until it is the past.”

-World of Tomorrow – Oscar Nominated Animated Short, 2016

World of tomorrow

Cover art from “World of Tomorrow,” Oscar nominated animated short film, 2016.

Learn more and watch the trailer here.  It was so cool seeing all of the nominated animated shorts tonight.  This one was my second favorite.  My favorite was a short from Chile called,  Bear Story.


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Bits Of Happiness #21

Today I had my post-op appointment with my plastic surgeon.  He said that I am doing really well.  While I need to be careful, I can slowly start getting back to normal life.  So what is the first thing I did?

I came home and crawled into my son’s toddler bed and snuggled him for the first time in over four weeks.   We did our bedtime rituals, we kissed each other, we talked about nothing in particular until his breathing got deep and his eyes got heavy.  I stayed longer than I should have.  But these days will be gone soon and I got a taste in these past few weeks of what it’s like for our nighttime snuggles to be gone.

I think the day when my baby becomes too big and doesn’t want me to hold him until he falls asleep will break my heart.  So, until then, I will crawl into that tiny toddler bed and hold him every night.  Because I can.


Bits Of Happiness #18, #19 and #20 Rolled Into One

I have a lot to be happy about recently.  I’m on the other side of the surgery I’ve been dreading and am beginning to heal.  It’s not easy but each day is better.  But that’s not where the joy is.  Here are the three I couldn’t choose between so, I thought I’d list them all.  Why not, right?


All of my drains are out.  The two drains in my breast came our very quickly.  The one in my right abdomen (which I nicknamed “Leaky”) came out a few days later.  The one in my left abdomen (which I nicknamed “Ouchy” because it felt like I was being stabbed with needles all day long) took much longer.  Two weeks to the day of my surgery, it finally came out.  Bye-bye drain!  I’ll never see you again!!!!


Because the drain finally came out, I got to hold Oliver in my lap again.  We have been hugging, snuggling and kissing constantly for the last two days.  He’s missed his Mommy.  “Kiss me on my neck again, Mommy!”  Your wish is my command!!!!


Oliver has been very curious about my scars.  If he asks, I show them to him.  If he wants to touch them, I let him feel them gently.  I have nothing to hide.  The other day he asked to look at the scar on my breast.  The scar is in the shape of a circle over the top of my breast.  When I showed it to him he gasped, opened his mouth wide with a smile and squealed “It’s an O!!!!  For Oliver!!!!!”  That’s right.  I have an O for Oliver on my breast.  Best. Scar. Ever!!!!!!!!!!

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Bits of Happiness #17

Today, I put my socks on by myself.  Now, that might not seem like much to some, but just a few days ago, I couldn’t get my feet up by myself while in a seated position.  So, just one week and two days post surgery, I’m putting my socks on!!!!!  I think that’s cause for celebration!!!!!!!  More ice cream, please!!!!


Bits of Happiness #16

blood draw

Today I went for my pre-surgical testing with the anesthesiologist for my reconstruction surgery which will be on Friday.  I couldn’t be less excited for another round of poking and prodding.  But, I have to say, I had THE BEST NURSE today!!!!  She accessed my vein and I didn’t even know it!  I felt nothing!  I told her I loved her and that I wanted her to come home with me.  And I meant it.


Bits Of Happiness #15: Happy Holidays!

It’s a balmy 70+ degrees here in rainy NYC but it’s still Christmas time.  We haven’t let the weather dampen (no pun intended) our holiday spirit.  Here are some pictures from our holiday frolics including the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The Saks Fifth Avenue Windows and an amazing art installment, Luminaries.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Bits of Happiness #14: Birthday Parties and Birthday Traditions

Each year for Oliver’s birthday, since he was a year old, we take a trip to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn to see the amazing Christmas lights that the rich people put up on their homes.  It’s truly a sight to see.  This is the first year that we brought Oliver to see them that he really appreciated them.  He loved seeing all the Santas!

This year was his first school birthday party and it was a blast.  I came with him in the morning and read one of his favorite books, Popcorn by Frank Ash.  Then we used our bodies to act out how a corn kernel becomes popcorn.  It was super cute to work with three year olds and pop up all over the place.  Then I brought in my popcorn maker and we watched popcorn pop!!!  They had a blast.  Then we sang Happy Birthday to Oliver with daddy’s famous brownies and the popcorn we made.  How cute is he in his birthday crown?


Oliver’s first school birthday party. He loved being at the center of attention!

Then, on Sunday, we hosted a birthday party.  We had to cancel last year’s party because I was in the hospital and sick because I had no white blood cells left.  So we really did it up this year.  We had a train themed party.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures.  We had close to 40 people over so I mostly socialized but Oliver loved having all of his friends over to play.  He was such a little social butterfly!!!  It was a really happy birthday!


We had about 35 people at our home. It ended up being fantastic and he loved his birthday cupcakes.

Cute quotes from the day:

This we heard from our beds at 7am: “Mommy!  Daddy!  Wake up!  I’m 3 years old!”

“Mommy, I’m three years old.  Can I drink coffee now?”

To his friends that walked in: “Did you bring me a present, please?  Thank you!”


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Bit of Happiness #12

This was a long week.  Oliver got sick and we had to scramble for childcare so I could work.  My students performed their original show and it was great.  But the highlight of the week was taking Oliver to see his first movie.

I love the movies.  Before Oliver, an exciting day for me would be seeing multiple movies in a row.  I’d go online and scroll through all of the movie theaters and the start times.  I’d choose the right theatre with the movies I wanted to see and, as if mathematically, plan out when and how I would see each movie.  It was heaven.

I have been waiting until the day I could take Oliver to his first movie and, on Sunday, we decided to take him to see “The Good Dinosaur.”

Oliver was wonderful during the movie.  He sat still for about an hour before he needed to get up and move around.  For a child that is not even three years old, I think that’s pretty great.  After that we took him to the bathroom a couple of times, and he ran up and down the stairs, switching seats for the rest of the movie.  But he liked it.  He talks about it every once in a while.  I can’t wait to take him to more.

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Bits Of Happiness #11

Several months ago, I made it a goal to find joy in every day, despite the challenges cancer threw my way.  The challenges have not stopped.  More on that another time.  Today, I want to bring the joy in every day, however small, back to my blog.  Back to my life.  I am making a commitment to post a “Bits of Happiness” post each week for the next year.  What better week to start this than the week of Thanksgiving.  So, here it goes.

This weekend we had friends stay with us.  While we were walking through Central Park, we stumbled upon the most beautiful tree with blood red leaves.  Everyone who saw it had to stop, look and take a picture.  As we left, we crossed a small bridge over one of the small lakes in the park.  The sunset was gorgeous and the skyline was reflected in the water.  Two examples of life’s beauty only moments apart.