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Bits of Happiness #34

Yesterday there was a huge rain storm here in Brooklyn.  The rain was pounding down in sheets…my favorite kind of rain.  The only thing that was missing was the thunder and lightening, which I also love.

But after the storm, the sun started to set.  All was calm outside.  Then Ken said that it was perfect conditions for a rainbow.  “No way,” I said!  “The sun is too low.”  But I was wrong. I went outside to double check and what I saw was a double rainbow.  It was strong, bright and huge!  It was pure magic.  My iPhone did not do it justice.



Bits of Happiness #28, #29, #30, #31, #32

I’m super behind on my Bits of Happiness posts.  I have had wonderful things in my life that have brought me joy each week.  I’ve just been too busy with work and life.  So, I’m going to update a few things.  I’m sure I’m missing tons and tons.


Tulips!!! Tulips are my favorite flower and they’re everywhere in Brooklyn  right now.  My son even knows them and loves to point them out whenever he sees them and drags me over to see it.  It’s so sweet.  What a magnificent flower!


Cherry Blossoms!  We missed the Cherry Blossom Festival this year due to the crappy weather but Oliver and I got to visit them together the day before.  We don’t have too many great pictures because it was just the two of us but they were lovely.


Beautiful Brooklyn Streets.  I love walking around my neighborhood and watching the flowers gently fall off the trees and the leaves start to bloom.



Exploring My City With Oliver!  I took Oliver to Battery Park for the first time since he was a little baby.  We had such a great time exploring the wonderful gardens, looking at all of the boats and the fire boat that was spewing red, white and blue water.  It was an overcast day but we had so much fun!


Hidden Playgrounds!  In Battery Park, there’s a hidden playground between two buildings.  It’s called, Teardrop Playground.  It’s right by 22 River Terrace.  And it has the biggest slide ever!  It was magical.