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Bits Of Happiness #11

Several months ago, I made it a goal to find joy in every day, despite the challenges cancer threw my way.  The challenges have not stopped.  More on that another time.  Today, I want to bring the joy in every day, however small, back to my blog.  Back to my life.  I am making a commitment to post a “Bits of Happiness” post each week for the next year.  What better week to start this than the week of Thanksgiving.  So, here it goes.

This weekend we had friends stay with us.  While we were walking through Central Park, we stumbled upon the most beautiful tree with blood red leaves.  Everyone who saw it had to stop, look and take a picture.  As we left, we crossed a small bridge over one of the small lakes in the park.  The sunset was gorgeous and the skyline was reflected in the water.  Two examples of life’s beauty only moments apart.