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“Bell” Of The Ball

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Lymphedema sufferers, this is our time! We need to seize the day! Gone (for now) are the days of sleeves that are too tight; that constrict our already restricted flow. Dare I say, lymphedema fashion is en vogue?  Bell sleeves, slouchy sweaters and kimonos are in! And I just can’t get enough.  Like seriously, I have $2000 worth of clothes in my Anthropologie cart (narrowed down, embarrassingly) that I’m waiting to go on sale. But there’s so much to choose from! I might need to start a GoFundMe for a new wardrobe!!! I just can’t help thinking that I should stock up now before everything gets so skinny and tight again.

I have gathered an array of clothes that I’m just simply in love with that will let our arms breathe and that we will look absolutely adorable/beautiful/sexy in. All of the tops I have chosen all come from stores or websites where there are several styles to choose from, not just one. I tried to represent a range of budgets, from the very affordable to sell your kidney. Whatever you decide, if you end up getting one, send me a picture. I’d love to see it!

To say that I’m obsessed with everything on Anthropologie right now is a gross understatement.  They have so many options for beautiful tops that would be comfortable and forgiving on any lymphie arm. And right now they are having a 20% off sale on all tops and sweaters!

ASOS is an amazing site with too many choices. I find that some of their clothes are a little “out there” and trendy but they also have some wonderful basics and statement pieces. I love this site because they range from very affordable to pricey and carry a range of sizes including petite, tall and plus size lines. In their search bar I put in “bell sleeve” and “kimono” but just a basic search of their sweaters and tops revealed a plentitude of options.

I’m starting to really adore Eileen Fisher. The look is so easy going. I’m obsessed with the velvet wrap dress. All the clothes, though, are very expensive but I’ve heard the quality is great so if you can afford a piece or two, it will probably be a staple in your closet for years. They also have outlet stores so, maybe you can get lucky there.

I recently went into Madewell in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and was really impressed by the style and quality of the clothes. I was so excited to see so many choices in lymphedema friendly styles. I think they’re pretty affordable as well.

Oh Target, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I can’t ever leave target without a ton of stuff in my shopping cart. And these days, they have so many choices that fit so well. I just can’t help myself!

Finally, if you type in “bell sleeve top vintage” or “bell sleeve sweater” on etsy, you get an array of amazing and affordable (mostly) items that are one of a kind. Now, of course you don’t get to try anything on this way but oh, my god!!!! It’s so much fun!

So, I think I need one of those closets that Carrie got in the Sex and the City movie in order to get all the stuff I want.  It’s never going to happen but I will get some.  I’ll post when I do.

Where do you shop for clothes that fit your Lymphie arm?

If given the choice, what would you buy from above?

Do you have any great resources to share? Share in the comments below.

One thought on ““Bell” Of The Ball

  1. Great list! I love Anthro and shop there often. Although I don’t have the lymphie arm, I have the Tamoxifen belly — it is swollen, like I am pregnant. I just bought one of their tunic sweaters ( It is very comfy for the arms and stomach. I am able to move freely. I used to shop at Madewell. I like their clothes too because they run big and look very chick. Anything that would hide my out-of-proportion body parts, I appreciate. Glad there are options for everyone. Thanks for the tips.

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