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Budapest, Part 2

Here is part two of our family trip to Budapest and Vienna.


Heroes Square



Candy at a street market


Vajdahunyad Castle



Trampolines at City Park


Liberty Bridge



Chain Bridge


Parliament at night


You can even go to Brooklyn in Budapest


Yummy meal on a snowy spring day. Bone marrow


sweet pickled cabbage


Lamb paprikas with bacon wrapped cheese noodles. At Ghetto Goulash.


Entrance to the Gellert thermal baths



Last view of Budapest, 5 minutes before leaving for the airport


Next week, our day trip to Eger, Hungary.

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Family Vacation Part I (Of Many)

It’s been a month since we got back from our first overseas trip as a family.  Budapest and Vienna were amazing!!!  So spectacular.  I fell in love with it as our plane was descending and I could see the Hungarian farmland stretching for miles.  I wondered, are any of the things I am seeing the same things my grandmother or grandfather saw at one time in their lives?  Could any of these people be extended family or descendants of neighbors that survived the war?  My connection to this land was immediate.

I remember my grandmother telling me about the beauty of Budapest.  She was spot on.  The architecture was unbelievable and the modern mixed with the historic was a visual overload for me.

We are so lucky that we were able to take this trip.  If there is any positive to chemo killing my fertility, it’s that we can afford a (inexpensive) plane ride for three.

I was proud to share my heritage with my husband and son and I’m so excited to share my pictures with all of you.

In all, I took about 4000 pictures on our trip.  Only a few hours after landing, Oliver exclaimed, “Mom, how many pictures are you going to take?” I know, crazy right?  Here are some to start you off.

**Disclaimer: I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to look through all of them.  I’m having trouble showing you all my favorites because they are all my favorites!




And, we’re off!!!!


First view of Hungary from the airplane.


Central Market


Our first meal! It was so yummy.



Chimney cake, my first of many.


Inside Parliament. My picture doesn’t do it justice.


Someone wasn’t into the audio tour.


Outside Parliament. I could study that architecture for hours.


Oliver took this photograph. He ended up taking some amazing pictures on this trip.



I made sure to find playgrounds for Oliver each day. Luckily, Budapest had great ones all over the city.


Hmmm…which streudel to get?



Holocaust Memorial. So simple. So powerful.


Selfie at the Chain Bridge.


View of Pest from the funicular going to Buda.


The view from Buda was absolutely breathtaking.



Don’t even get me started on the pastries!



A Star Wars themed sausage joint in the Jewish Quarter. It seems kitschy but the food was amazing and there was always a huge line out of the door of both locals and tourists.


The old mixed with the new on a street in the Jewish Quarter.


The weeping willow at the Synagogue.


Budapest is getting into the street food scene and Karavan had a lot of interesting choices.



The Budapest tasting at New York Cafe.



New York Cafe. Back in the day you could buy a cup of coffee and sit there all day. It was so ornate and wonderful.



View from the Basilica


About 350 stairs to get to the top of the Basilica.



The Budapest Eye. It was a beautiful ride.


Budapest rainbow.


Oh, those chimney cakes!


We found a model train museum. If you go to Budapest with a child (or not), Miniversum is wonderful. We all had a great time.



The Opera House was so beautiful. Unfortunately, we missed the tour by 5 minutes so we only got to see the entrance. It’s supposed to be wonderful.



Andrassey Avenue




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Am I Lucky?

This week in the United States, the House pushed through a bill that would drastically reduce care for those with pre-existing conditions and substantially increase the cost of having a pre-existing condition, making it pretty much unaffordable.  A pre-existing condition can be anything from cancer to ADD, acne to autism, cerebral palsy to diabetes,  a c-section and possibly even sexual assault (although I’m now reading that this is more complicated than the bill saying that rape is a pre-existing condition, which it does not).

If this bill passes in the Senate and becomes law, it will be devastating for millions of families…millions upon millions upon millions.  There is literally no one I know, both in and out of the cancer world, who this will not negatively effect.

I want to be clear, the ACA is not perfect.  Not by a long shot.  It has a lot of problems.  While one of my friends who is on it say she is now paying less monthly for her family for better coverage, two others say that they are paying more monthly in co-pays and deductibles that they can’t even meet.  Why is this?  I’m not sure but it does seem unfair .  It needs fixing.

But it seems to me that signing the death certificate of so many who need life saving medical care is not the answer.  This bill is far from the answer.

After the new healthcare bill passed in the House, I said out loud, to myself, “Wow, I’m lucky I got cancer when I did.”  Then I suddenly stopped breathing for a moment, realizing the thought that I had just spoken out loud.  I was LUCKY to get cancer when I did?  Then, by the same token, I was lucky to have had a difficult birth experience and have a c-section when I did.

To say something like this is crazy.  Just crazy!  Because no one is lucky to get cancer…EVER!  But at the same token, I can’t help but wonder if I dodged a financial bullet.  Being on very good, employer based healthcare (something I do not take for granted and yes, I know how lucky I am) we’ve come out of the cancer experience in financial tact.  There are countless others who can not say the same thing.  I know that.  But under this new bill, if my cancer were to come back, which it can at any time,  my care could bankrupt my family.

The question I would face, and that so many others face now and will certainly face if this new bill goes through is, what is my life worth?  Is it worth bankrupting my family for a few more months?  Would people just give up the fight for the benefit of the future generations?

Why should anyone have to make this choice?  Isn’t every life precious?  Don’t we all deserve to be here for as long as possible?  Don’t we all deserve the same access to top-notch care?

This healthcare bill literally makes my stomach turn when I think about what it means for the cancer community and beyond.  And I’m more sickened that I sighed a breath of relief that I got sick when I did.  But, it’s true.  I’m lucky.  I got cancer when it seems that our government cared, even just a little bit, about whether I lived or died.

I can write a book about what I think are the long term implications on our society when we put a bill like this one into place.  But just imagine, who will be left if no one could afford life saving measures?  Only the richest few.  What would America be?  Who would we be?

Hmmm….I see a dystopian novel in my future.