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Cancer sucks.  Cancer is expensive.  Cancer will eat your savings account.  We all know this but there are organizations out there who really want to help out, even in a small way.  Listed below are some places I have found, some that I have used that will send you free things or offer free services if you are undergoing treatment or are a survivor.

Hope Scarves:  When I was first diagnosed and was looking for help and camaraderie (and something for free), this is the first site I found.  If you are undergoing chemotherapy, someone who has been through the process will send you a scarf along with a personal survivor story.  When you are done with the scarf, you can send it back, where it will be professionally cleaned along with your own survivor story, and it will be passed down to another woman beginning her journey.  This is my favorite site all around.  I love the idea of paying it forward!

France Luxe: This a a jewelry and accessories designer who generously creates head wraps for those undergoing cancer treatment through their Good Wishes site.  You can pick your favorite fabric (they ask you to pick two backups) and within 3-6 weeks, they send you your wrap.  Mine is super comfortable and stylish.

The American Cancer Society:  I have not taken advantage of their services but the provide classes, workshops and loads of info on the website.  They have a program called, The Hope Lodge which provides free lodging to anyone whose best chance at treatment is in another city than their home.  Hello!!!!  Amazing!!!!  Road to Recovery provides transportation to those who don’t have any or can’t drive themselves to treatment.  You can get a free wig from ACS.

Look Good Feel Better:  I did this the day before I started chemo.  They provide beauty tips for women undergoing cancer treatment and it’s geared specifically to the changes one might undergo while receiving chemotherapy.  You get to take with you a bag of donated makeup products.

Fighting Pretty:  I have not used the products from this site but, if someone donates to the cause they can choose a recipient to get a goodie bag with makeup, scarves and little pink boxing gloves.  Does anyone want to send one to me?

Free Gas USA:  This organization provides grants for gasoline to go to and from treatment, to go grocery shopping, etc…  I have not used this service.  Let me know if you do!

Cleaning For a Reason:  This organization will send someone to come and clean your home while undergoing chemo treatment.  At the time of my treatment, they didn’t have anyone in my area.  Bummer!  But you should try it!

Casting For Recovery:  This organization takes women in all states of survivorship and treats them to a free weekend where they are taught fly fishing.  Say what!?!

Heavenly Hats:  This organization will send you a bag of donated hats.  Since they are donated, you might get some that are not your style.  But it is a sweet idea and great if you like to try on, well, different hats!

Fill A Heart:  This organization donates heart shaped pillows for support after a mastectomy.

Reid Sleeve:  They provide a bracelet to those at risk or who have lymphedema to alert medical professionals to your risk.

Sharsheret:  This organization offers a breast cancer tool kit to anyone undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  I think it is geared toward those of Jewish faith only but you can check it out.

Cure Magazine: A free quarterly magazine for survivors and their families.

Awesome Breastforms: This is a wonderful little organization where volunteers hand knit or crochet breast forms for women who have gone through breast surgery.  They also buy the yarn and pay for the shipping.  What a great organization!!!

Exeromed:  This company contacted me after reading my blog.  They provide exercises for post mastectomy care and for lymphedema care.  You can purchase some exercise programs but their basic one is for free.

Did you use any free resources that you loved?  Message me and I’ll add it to the list.

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